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Autoscale number of connections/slots


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Right now, we can set the max number of connections, the max for each torrents and the number of upload slots.

It does make sense if we were always making the same usage of utorrent all the time but this is not the case. If I have a lot of active torrents, the connections are shared statically which is good since most torrents I use max my number of connections limit. But say one of them has very very few peers, there is no point in keeping the others torrents from using the non-used ressources is there?

The same logic is true if you have only one active torrent, it will only get the tiny static part of the bandwith ressources you affected it.

I see 2 things which could be changed to improve this:

- we shoud be able to set only the general ressouces (i.e. number of toal connections allowed and total of upload slots) and then these ressources would be shared between the active torrents either equal parts either some ratios according to the priority/label (a label could then receive special priority caracteristics)

- If upon scrape/DHT/PE the number of seed+peers is inferior to the number of connections allocated, this number should be adjusted to the value given by the tracker and the rest of the connections shared among the other active torrents

About the number of connections, about the upload slots I think they should be affected according to the number of connections

example: max connection: 200 upload slots: 40 => torrent use 150 connections and get (150*40)/200 = 30 upload slots.

So what do you think ?

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Terrible idea. The reason it's per torrent is because you just don't want to have more than that, as it becomes inefficient and wastes a lot of bandwidth as connection counts go up. ANd I hope you've got like 200kbyte/s of upload if you're using 40 upload slots.

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For the upload slots, I picked these numbers because they were easy to use.

I understand your argument but I never said the contrary. Autoscale of number of connection PER torrents doesnt mean we change the MAX number of connections. It doesnt change the need for the user to set it at a reasonable value.I mean if you set the the max to a certain value, wether this number is shared statically as it is now or by what I suggested earlier won't increase it. I am not talking about MORE connections but a better management of these connections.

Or do you mean if we have 2 torrents at 50 connections or one at 30 and the other at 70, it will decrease the performance of the last?

How much overhead are we talking about anyway?

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