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weird speed problem..


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i have a weird problem concerning speeds, i usually download large files (ie whole season of series) and i mange to have an average speed of 25-45kb/sec with a 2Mbps connection (max is 256kb/sec) and while the seeds are OVER 100 with many more peers (some times more than 1000).

now, i would say that this is a configuration problem until lately, when i tried to download a file which was around 200Mb, in this file i MAXIMIZED my download speed! i was in fact downloading @230kb/sec..

two days later i tried a file that was around 350Mb and my speed was around 120kb/sec...

does the size of the file have anything to do with the speeds i get?

extra info:

1. my connection 2Mbps down / 256kbps up

2. using the latest μTorrent client

3. peers/seeds are usually above 100/1000

4. tried some of the tweaks on net

thanx for the help in advance!

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