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Vista BSOD Crash with uTorrent 1.6x to 1.7x


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Didnt seem to matter which version of uTOrrent I used - my system would randomly crash, sometimes leaving a BSOD, sometimes rebooting. Time to crash -- 1 minute to maybe even up to an hour if I was lucky.

Memtest run -- all good.

Disk checks run -- all good.

<< scratches head>>

But this was a brand new machine?! New clean install of Vista Ultimate (x64).

dig - dig -dig

save all the rest of my yammering -- but result was

AVAST free anti-virus ! once turned off, no more uTorrent / Vista crashes!

Figured I'd share this as there are a lot of people out there like me that couldnt figure out what was going on. Now on to the Avast forums to find out wuzup.

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Same here, BSOD crashes over and over, Cannot use uTorrent at the same time as watching videos, and almost every night when I've left uTorrent running, I've got a crash-notice in windows.

Running Vista x86 - Up-to-date

Core2Duo 6400

2048Mb RAM - Memtest good

Geforce 7600GT /w newest drivers

3x 320Gb SATA disks - Disk checks good

And I've got no antivirus running, just using Ad-Aware now and then.

Oh, and I'm using the latest release of uTorrent.

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