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No Portforwarding after renewing security measures


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Hi all,

I have uTorrent 1.7.2 on my Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. Over the past number of months my uTorrent has been working fine, allowing me to download numerous files with no problems at all. However, a few days ago I had a problem with my Norton 360 with regards to Windows Security Center no longer recognizing it as functioning. As such, I unfortunately uninstalled it and followed PCworld.com's advice with regards to security and downloaded the recommended security freewares: ZoneAlarm Firewall, avast! v4.7 home edition anti-virus as well as SpywareBlaster. This fixed the Security Center conflict but caused a failure when testing uTorrent ports. I visited www.portforward.com as I have done so and succeeded in the past, followed the instructions to set up my broadband router but to no avail. I even have both Port Forwarding as well as Virtual Server options enabled in my router settings. Let me note that I had ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite previously installed in the past and uTorrent worked just fine. In my ZoneAlarm Program Control settings, I have all options checked on green for uTorrent.exe (i.e. the firewall should allow both Server and Access rights in both Trusted and Internet network Zones).

Please reply asap as I am a huge fan of torrents through uTorrent specifically.

Thanks in advance to any help provided,


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