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More crash problems


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I've tried on quite a few different PC setups now, I have the same problem. All other settings on defualt.

global max connection 400

max peers 300

max upload slot 20

It is hard to say when exactly it happesn, but in usual on large torrents 3 GB or over, and if I have more than one it happens more often. utorrent will crash and I get a message unable to generate crash dump. The strange thing is it doesn't happen on all torrents. The other day I downloaded a torrent of 6 GB and it was fine, today I tried one 3 GB one and one 600 MB one it keeps crashing... within a few minutes of starting utorrent... while it ran for over a day for the 6GB one.

I had this bug on my other comp too, it was posted in another thread including my process explorer info and lots of other info.

It is really annoying to have much less sofisticated torrent programs such as bitTornado. I was hoping this had been fixed somehow in the latest version of utorrent so I tried to give it another shot. But still exactly same error.

The strangest thing is.. I haven't heard someone else having this error... but on all PC's I have tried ( 4 ) now it is there. I even tried with clean XP and no strange programs running.... still same problem :S driving me nuts!!

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Guess: You have an ISP which is capable of shoveling data at you faster than your computer's I/O can handle it.

Tip: Examine the torrents that crash the most, and report back (a) their piece-size, and (B) whether they are most likely to crash when initially allocating or during high volume.

Check drives for errors, and possibly also defrag.

Try also reducing your maximum DL and/or UL settings.

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