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Bandwidth allocation (Low / Medium / High)


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Now that is a good question...I'd like to think that the up/down arrows are a more fine-grained way to tweak the torrent priorities, but I'm not so sure about that... :/

Edit: Boo, you're right, it should be added to the FAQ. ;) But you'll have to ask Firon to include it... :P

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a little more about what i've discovered:

my max upload rate is 38kBps

when downloading 2 torrents simultaneously, i set both bandwidth allocations to normal, and they both upload at 19kBps.

i set the second torrent to low. the first torrent now uploads between 24 and 26kBps, and the second one uploads between 12 and 14 kBps. my download rates however appear to be unaffected. (note: these torrents have been running for a very long time, and are going rather slow regardless, between 20 and 40kbBs, with sometimes spikes to 100kBps)

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Sorry, but I have to disagree. 2 of the people I recommended µTorrent asked me what Bandwidth allocation does, and I couldn't explain quite well as I'm not sure I understand it yet. I really think an explanation to this feature should be added to the FAQ.


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Without getting into the exact math behind it (Because only Firon knows that), Bandwidth allocation affects your upload speed for seeding torrents.

It goes like this, if you have 64kbps upload cap and your seeding 2 torrents and everything is set to normal, then the 2 torrents will each get approx 32kbps upload.

If you set one of those torrents to "Low" then it drops down to around 16kbps and releases its excess bandwidth. The other Torrent, simply because its higher than Low takes up the remaining bandwidth. Now you have a 16/48 type split.

The same goes for Normal vs High. If you set a Torrent to High, it will TAKE some of the bandwidth from the other seeding torrent and knock it down to a lower state.

Low vs Low should be an even split and High vs High should also come out even.

Think of it like this.

Low gets 1 upload "slot"

Normal gets 2 upload "slots"

High gets 3 upload "slots"

Add up the total number of slots your using = TotalSlots

Then to find the percentage of yer total bandwidth each Torrent is allocated, take "[MySlots/TotalSlots]"

Keep in mind i pulled those numbers from my arse, its just to show a general idea how it SEEMS to work.

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True upload slots per torrent is something different than what Casper42 is talking about.

He said: "Low gets 1 upload "slot""

Upload slots on a torrent don't change whether bandwidth allocation is set low/medium/high. So if it's set to low, then the upload slots on that torrent may be uploading at less than 1 KiloBYTE/sec. This can severely impact the download speed on that torrent, as peers receiving data that slowly are far more reluctant to upload back.

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