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uTorrent Crashing in Vista

Sir Francis Bacon

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Hey guys. I've been getting very frustrated with this problem and I'm praying for an answer.

I've seen many versions of this on google, but nothing has worked so far.

The Problem

uTorrent likes to freeze whether it's in the tray or when it's maximized.

Everything stops and I cannot exit it from the tray. In fact I can't even get a right click menu in the tray during the problem. Then I go into my processes and end uTorrent. It disappears from the tray but stays int he process list. Then afterwards I cannot shut down the PC. This usually happens an hour or two after I have opened uTorrent (but it's seemingly random).

Other Things I Have Running



IRC, IM, Steam, iTunes

I have tried disabling the Windows defender thing (something i read online), but the problem persists. And I have the most recent version of uTorrent so it can't be that.

uTorrent is my favorite client and I would hate to switch to anything else.

Thanks for your help

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You had AVG, ZoneAlarm and Win Defender running simultaneously? What about Win Firewall - is that enabled too? Try disabling them all (or creating exception rules for uTorrent) and if that doesn't work, try uninstalling them one by one. If they're all gone, you've rebooted clean and uTorrent still locks up your system, then post back so something else can be suggested.

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I'm experincing the same problem as Sir Francis Bacon had, I'ved turned-off Zone Alarm (uninstalled it) right now, Windows Firewall & AVG is running, and still the same problem happens, if I turned off all of my security softwares, I'm afraid I might get a virus or something. How can I create exception rules for uTorrent?. and by the way I had also Spybot-Search & Destroy, Spywareblaster & windows defender running....pleasae give some advice. Thanks

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Ok I ended both avg and zonealarm and tried opening/closing/starting/stoping a few times. The first two I closed from within uTorrent via the file menu. At about third try when I tried exiting from the tray I got the error: "It seems like uTorrent is already running but is not responding. Please end the process and try again." And of course when I go to end it, nothing happens. I'll test this theory again after a restart.

Edit after tests: Ok it's not the tray that's the problem. It still crashed after closing AVG and Zone Alarm. Now I'm starting with absolutely nothing running and bringing back my normal programs until there's a problem.

Possible Solution? Just tried going through everything 1 by one. I opened everything. No problems until...

I opened AVG, tested, and it was still quitting and running fine. But I noticed the yellow/black/green/red icon was dimmed showing a grayed version of the icon. I needed an update. So i did, and tested uTorrent again. The first time I tried to quit I got the problem.

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