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i have a huge problem in open the websites


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i have huge problem in my torrent

first when i connect to the internet it works fine (open any sites...etc)

but after i using utorrent or any bittorrent clien i try to open any websites but it didn't open, after i close the bittorrent clien it works fine

i patch the TCP from 10 to 31119 but i have the same problem

and of course i follow the instruction in here:


but it's the same

does anyone know what is the problem?

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OK thats a quiet thread you give me there

1- i have the last utorrent 1.7.2 OK, and i setup it in my PC as it said in utorrent setup guide "that mean i setup it like it should be"

2- I allowed my firewall to add utorrent in it and i put the port too and when i connect to the torrent it turns to green (Network OK---your network connection it work like it should be) and of course i test if my port forward properly and it says it forward in utorrent test website test. "that mean the firewall didn't block the utorrent to connect"

3- I run the speed test since i have 256 MB speed so i put upload 92 MB "thats fair right"

4- of course as i said before i patch the TCP from 10 - 31119 "that means the limit TCP is fixed"

i have a ADSL 256mb speed and its a WAN adapter, and i have windows XP SP2

and i live in Malaysia

is that enough information

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Firstly, to my knowledge even the fastest ADSL connections only run at 24 megabits/sec down and far less up...like only 1 megabit/sec up. I'd say you definitely confused your units...be like calling 5280 inches = 1 mile (or 1000 centimeters = 1 kilometer for metric). So you probably used the wrong settings in µTorrent.

Download speeds quoted by your ISP are one thing, but your upload speed max may be only a tiny fraction of that.

Almost every broadband ISP in Malaysia throttles BitTorrent hard, especially SingTel...and anything that connects through them is automatically throttled by them as well.

TCP limit? Win XP SP2 can have 1,000+ TCP connections at once...so there's not really a limit on that. You were probably patching the half open connection max instead, however MOST networking hardware and software will roll over and DIE if you try to force 1,000+ new half open connections at once through them. ...So I hope you didn't try anything that extreme in µTorrent.

Also, just because Win XP SP2 can have 1,000+ TCP connections at once...your networking hardware and software probably can't. Even 100 connections may be too much, especially if you're also sending/receiving lots of UDP packets. So you have to disable stuff in µTorrent that generates UDP packets to rule that out AND set max connections rather low.

My guess is you really only have 256 kilobits/sec down and maybe only 64 kilobits/sec up ADSL. And it's probably PPPoE, so it's even slower! Even the xx/64k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) may be too much for it. :(

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lol thanks anyway for what you said but i don't understand anything of what you said

maybe you are pro on this thing but i I'm not.

the problem is fixed, it was from my ISP (i hate my ISP) this is the 10th problem i get from him, i think i will change my ISP this month.

by the way i right something wrong i have LAN not WAN (i thought it was WAN) sorry my mistake and i live in the university me and 3 of my college student we share 1 GB internet speed (cause it expensive for me alone) of course the university have internet but this is for my private use.

maybe you said why i'm the only one who said the problem? well cause i'm the only one who use torrent stuff. ^.^

and as i said before the problem fixed it was from my ISP (stupid ISP i hate him)

Thanks you Switeck have a nice day

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