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correct use of tracker or trackers to seed to others with max benefit


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Ok can download some torrents at good speeds --- but not all (i need to be a seed for some torrent site's how would I know a full file has been uploaded by one person.

Bit confused about a few details:

1) all relevant/similar themed files to the files within the torrent i am downloading are in the same folder as the 'utorrent' application but not my generated torrent

is this correct.

2)Is the tracker that enables the swarm to find me (i assume the-- http//ipadd:port/announce) apply to all other swarm members or do i need other trackers recommended by other utorrent sites -- are these the ones that enable me to upload to others in the swarm?(I realise that the details themselves are put

in the tracker properties block under the 'create new torrent' tab utorrent client software.

OR does the http//ipadd:port/announce cater for everything and generates a torrent from my enclosed files?

have searched FAQ and not found anything as specific as this.

P.S hope this entry is in the correct forum.

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Ok 2) first - thanks for the reply. Does that mean the more trackers i put in the properties page --

would give me a better chance to reach more who have the same trackers!.

and 1) again (hopefully a bit clearer) how would my 'contribution' look to others who happen to be looking for the same files that i possess in a utorrent directory while i am uploading to them as a seed or even as a

seed (having the full file) or would i appear as just a swarm contributor? (anonymous) I hope this is clearer.

anyway lastly i would assume that my personal torrent (containg all my personal details would need to be kept


e.g in anouther sub-directry so that it would not be downloaded to others but still enabling utorrent to run.

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I think you may be confusing torrents with other forms of p2p.

People cannot scan your directories and download whatever is in them. You must be running a torrent before the files will be shared, and then it's only the files listed in the torrent that are shared.

As long as you are using public trackers, you should be OK putting in as many as you want. Private trackers will require you to upload the torrent and will usually add tags that change the infohash, so they will not be the same as another private trackers. The infohash is what is used to identify the torrent, so it must be the same for all trackers you are using.

If you have the full files, you should appear as a seed to others who are seeding/leeching those files. Not sure what you mean by anonymous, both seeds and leeches are identified by an IP, port and possibly a peer ID. Neither is more or less anonymous than the other.

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