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I'm new to Utorrent and just discovered the RSS download portion of the program. I've got two questions regarding this feature.

1) I've setup the filters with episode numbers without an issue. however the RSS feed does not download the torrent right away after it is listed on the RSS Releases Tab. When I click the '?' on my filter, it lists the torrents but will not download it right away. I look at the history tab in the morning and noticed that it downloads torrents at odd times of the day (5 am, 2am and even 6pm). I do not have the schedule set in the preferences area. so my question is, why does it not download the torrent right away?

2) Is there a way to download only new episodes and ignore the old ones? For example if I've set my filters to start only at S01E03 and then I downloaded 'TVSHOWS01E03' today and then next week, in the RSS it has two episodes 'TVSHOWS01E04' and 'TVSHOWS01E03' the RSS feed downloads both even though 'TVSHOWS01E03' has already been downloaded the week before.

Thank you.

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