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sorry, coudnt make a more creative title.

utorrent has been slower lately, just after the 1.7 upgrade. My ports are forwarded, (51215), everything is okay, green, im not sure if ive configured it right though. My bandwidth from speedtest is around 10mbps, and my upload is around 690kbps. (aussie servers)

Upload speed: auto

global max conn.:375

maximum peers/torrent: 100

upload slots: 4

the only thing i have edited is the net.max_halfopen:50

i have torrents that have a thousand seeds, but only manage to get around 100-400 (mostly 100KB/s)

if it isnt too much of a hassle, care to help? thankkkkks

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Wow, so you now have net.max_halfopen set exactly up to the patched TCPIP.sys limit. Could you please check your Event Viewer/System - is there any recent "EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit" warnings?

Not yet mentioned in the FAQ but it should be:


And remember, net.max_halfopen must *always* be set to *at most* 80% of the TCPIP.sys limit, although really, it shouldn't need to be even that high either in most cases.
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