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1.7.2. Yet another overnight crash 1st/2nd August


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And last night it crashed again


Sorry I was using utorrent on the same system perfectly happily for well over a year before the 1.7 series reared its head ...then its been crash and hand after crash and hang. utorrent is a dedicated download machine that does nothing but run utorrent and eMule. ALL the other software not required for either windows, anti-virus and windows firewall has been stripped off the machine and its been that way since I built it. As such I find it strange that the assumption is that its something else making the crashes. Just be check I've switched off eMule twice and guess what utorrent still crashes.

I honestly wish I still had the 1.6. stored - I'm certainly going to ensure I have back-ups of software that works and not switch early in future becuse the last few weeks/months with 1.7.-1.7.1-1.7.2. have been frankly a dogs breakfast.

Right I'm gone off and got the piece of software you've indicated above and will have a play with it to see what I can get. Sorry I'm not an IT engineer, my PhD is in business and marketing not IT, so you will have to bear with me. Give me instructions and I should be able to get what you want.

Ok problem I might have is that my utorrent server doesn't have its own screen I connect to it via my laptop and router - each time I fire up process explorer its defaulting to my laptop system. Gonna try a few things to see what I can change

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