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slow dowloads


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Im running vista

i have been through the set up, my test download run at 1200/192

network status indicator is green

port checker is ok

connection type xx/192

net.max_halfopen set to 8

checked the firewall box (running vista firewall)

modem, Dynalink RTA1320 (router ?)

running TPG 1500 DSL

Dowloading movies between 10 & 20 kp\s

I have no idea why its so slow, can anyone help me

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Hi, Do you have a router in the loop?? IF so what is the Make & Model??

Did you setup Port Forwarding for the Dynalink?, as it looks to be a Modem/Router Combo unit. If that is all you have No Other Router and if you did Not already setup Port forwarding have a look at this guide on how too:


Also when you setup your Static IP, IF you setup a Static IP is it Outside the range of the DHCP?? IF you are unsure Have a look at this Guide on How to Choose a Static IP:


But it Sounds like you are already setup as you have the Green tick and the Port Tester Checks Out. Also are the Torrents you are Downloading are they well seeded??


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