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Red, Yellow, Green, Icons


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When I 1st started using utorrent I was always getting the red icon. After a few updates in the versions I now have only a yellow icon. I have never had it ever on green. My internet speed is 3MBPS and I use WLAN 56MBPS router. My normal up/down speeds are about 15kb/sec, 40kb/sec if im lucky. Unless I set upload speed to 8kb/sec then i can get download speed of anywhere up to 200kb/sec depending on peers. I cant seem to be able to forward my port but cannot find information anywhere about this for my router. Also I only speak english and am living in germany so my WLAN router is a Sinus 1054 DSL, which instructions are only in german even online.

Any help to get better upload and download speeds would be much appreciated.

By the was as we speak I am downloading at 75-90kb/sec and uploading 33kb/sec....that is unlimited up/down rate, but peers are from germany and poland....would having peers closer to my location help my speed???

Ideally I would be happy to be able to get 300kb/sec upload and download. My user rating also suffers as a result of not being to upload as much as I download on my torrent site.


Ooops cant double post.......I finally got the green light icon but my speed is still the same.

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