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Recheck Files > First?


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I just added a new server. My old server would recheck files when I hit start before to make sure they were all there. This time around I hit start and it doesnt, it starts to DOWNLOAD them again until I stop the files and "force recheck".

Any way to make it recheck first? Not sure the setting but it did it before.

Last question also if you could help

Does this look right (DHT) and etc.


Can you also see my cache settings, alot of overload messages last server, this one so far so good, ANYTHING I should check or uncheck here please?


Thanks for all help you can give. Simple stuff but its been ages since I have messed with this........

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That is what I meant. I added a completed torrent to the torrent folder and I hit start, it started to DL, before it would re check the file then download. Not doing that now. I didnt explain it right......

I rebooted the server and tried again and it worked........ go figure :(

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