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Uploading works with some torrent sites but not others?


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Maybe some of you can help me out. I recently accessed www.tvtorrents.com as a friend sent me an invite and several download credits to start. I've used up quite and few and I want to replace them, however, I can't upload any torrent from the tvtorrents site.

I am not seeding a whole file, but I have several gigabytes of one torrent (from tvtorrents - about 4 of 7 gigabytes downloaded with several complete files therein) so there should be enough to share with others, but I can't seem to upload anything to anyone. Other partial files share and upload fine from other torrent sites.

- I'm using utorrent (1.71) and I can upload torrents that are not from tvtorrents.com

- the file I'm downloading/trying to upload a popular file and there are about 100 peers looking to download it so there should be others wanting to download

- There are frequently instances where I can see a 0.1 upload speed in utorrent but it disappears after a few seconds (maybe people are trying to connect for a second and then can't any longer?)

- I did the port forward test included with utorrent and it says everything is ok, I can accept connections with others.

- My upload is 12.8 kB/sec and download is about 100 kB/sec which isn't super fast, but still, some uploading should be possible and it works for other torrents (not based from tvtorrents). I have allotted all upload bandwidth for use.

I just cant figure out why it isn't working. Torrents from other site work just fine, but not with tvtorrents. Any suggestions or avenues to pursue to help address this?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated ;)

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Firstly, you seem to be on Rogers Cable ISP in Canada...they try really hard to screw your BitTorrent upload speeds over and may be partially blocking seeding now as well.

Secondly, has that torrent site blocked/attempted to block latest µTorrent versions?

(...probably not if you can connect at all, but doesn't hurt to ask.)

Is µTorrent firewalled?

(See green, yellow, or red light at bottom of its window?)

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Hi Switeck,

Thanks for writing back!

Yeah, I did some reading on various web pages about Rogers earlier tonight and their nazi-esqe restrictions and blocking of torrent uploads (though downloads seem to work well if ratios are in order - of course that never really happens if you can't upload). I came across some others' reports of similar issues or at least some explanations and non-functioning work arounds to this upload issue for other rogers customers.

There are a few non-mainstream ISPs in my city (london, ontario) that I'm looking into. I posted a message in the rogers board on dslreports.com asking if anyone has good experiences with other ISPs in my city in order to look for recommendations. I thought that was a decent place to start in addition to my own searches of the city. I even emailed a couple of ISPs in my area, asking questions about file sharing and torrent restrictions.

Maybe you or anyone else can suggest another forum that I could ask other users from my area what ISPs might make good alternatives?

The main page of www.tvtorrents.com did talk about previous issues with utorrent but they were related to tracking and subsequent versions of utorrent (the one that I am using) has resolved this. But also, I tried an older version before upgrading to the newest one today and encountered the same problem.

Utorrent is not firewalled (green light at the bottom of its window).


And Desi ... that's a decent idea, I'll fire off a note and see if they respond with anything useful. Thanks!

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Well Rogers gives high Download speeds on torrents from like Openoffice.org, which are ..Just test torrents. The highest I got was like 200kb/s, when at my speed test im 1.2mb..So I dunno..But one things for sure, Rogers does restrict my upload speed. I don't know what to do , because these guys are the best ISPs around here(Toronto, Ontario). Anyways mosesaul, good luck uploading with Rogers, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Thanks Desi ... the issue seems to be related to rogers and I'm going to switch to a different provider. I read a bunch of things about rogers, can't remember all of the articles, but this site might have some decent info: http://boycottrogers.com/

Also, for alternatives, i found http://www.canadianisp.com to be really helpful in finding another!

All the best on your issues ;)

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