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Wireless 2wire Issues


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I use Wireless Internet for the computer in my Bedroom, and its of this computer that i have utorrent.

So Heres my problem :

My Download Speed is very slow, so i went to the speed guide and tested if my ports were forwarded properly, and it gives me an error message. So i click on the link to Portforward.com, and it shows a list of Different portal Devices such as 2Wire, Draytek, Loopcomm, Ect. I use 2wire so i go through the list of models. My Wireless adapter card isnt on the list, but the device that i get my internet from is listed. So do i have to configure everything with the Ports on the Host Computer, and download utorrent on that comp as well?? Or What do i do to get the Ports on my Wireless Internet computer Forwarded Properly??

The Host computer uses the 2wire 1000HG, i use the 2wire 802.11g USB Wireless Adapter.

So can anyone help?

Thanks, Josh

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