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Slow Upload and Download


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Hey Guys, Wondering if you could give me a few suggestions on this.

- I am on a 1536/384 DSL connection

- I have my upload limited to 15kb/s

- my upload speeds hover around 7-8kb/s and has not changed in the last 3 days

- download speed fluctuates between 2 and 20kb/s constantly - ridiculously slow

- I don't download often and don't know what has changed or triggered this change

- port forwarding is done correctly

- I have tried using Azureus with similar stats

- I have a Linksys WAG54G modem - it is usually rock solid

- downloading using Firefox or IE gets a steady 150kb/s which is pretty normal

- my ISP does not shape P2P traffic

I understand that P2P speeds depend on many different factors, however I have never seen my upload speeds at anything less than the limit that I set. ie. if I set a 10kb/s limit, the upload is usually constant at 10kb/s. What could cause my speeds to suddenly drop so suddenly?

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Your ISP may have started throttling BitTorrent in your area.

You may have a firewall or antivirus-acting-as-a-firewall interfering heavily with µTorrent.

If you're on wireless LAN, the wireless connection to your computer could be experiencing immense packet loss.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It seems it just limited to this one torrent download even though it has many seeds as well as peers/leechers. Other torrents are getting much better speeds. I don't know why that would be the case but at least I know nothing is wrong on my end.

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Generally, running multiple torrents at once causes some torrents to suffer at the expense of others.

So even though you have an ok download and decent upload speed max, chances are at least 1 torrent WILL run rather slow (download speed <25 KiloBYTES/sec and/or upload speed <5 KiloBYTES/sec) while the other/s get the "lion's share" of your internet connection.

Because your download speed is not immensely higher than your upload speed, it might be for the best not to have more than 1 or 2 downloading torrents active at once...though you might also get away with having 2 seeding torrents at the same time assuming your upload slots are only 3.

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