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Leave Bitcomet Keep your Torrents


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Hi Guys and Girls first post around these parts .

Anyway a couple of days ago i wanted to switch from BC to Utorrent but didn't want to start my big 8/9 gig downloads over again esp with 80/90% left. so after realizing Bitcomet is a butt-Munch i found way to transfer torrent file without searching for them again and starting where i left off.

1. Open BC make sure no tasks are D/L

2. Go into Preferences and uncheck "Add .BC to incomplete files"

3. Hashcheck the files to want (you only have to let it get 1% then you can stop)

4. Right-Click on the tasks you want transfered then "save torrent file as" and save it wherever

5. Close BC and open your new BT client

6. Open Preferences and change the default save file location to same as where BC was.

7. Open the .torrents you saved earlier in your new BT client

8. Hashcheck and your good to go :D

you might have already known how to do this but hey, enjoy anyway :)


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ah yes, maybe i should have looked around a bit 1st however some people don't save the .torrent files i know i don't :P just run them straight from the browser.

It's the feature in BC that allows you to recreate the .torrent file thats handy, iv'e used a few other BT clients and some don't have that feature. So by allowing you to recreate the .torrent file it's alot easier to switch from BC to something better (uTorrent) :).

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