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Newbie needs help!


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Sorry but I just can't deal with this forum thing...it is just too confusing & it goes on & on & on & on...........& never seems to help me or even discuss MY problem?

My problem is simple but intractable - my uploading ratio NEVER gets completed or else does not get credited? I can find NOTHING on this topic & if I missed it - I'm sorry but I can't spend hour upon hour searching this forum on the off chance & indeed - unlikely chance - that I should discover a mention about this deep in the bowels of the 'forum'?!

Pleze help.


It bothers me that I'm not getting credited for my uploads because I know it's important & really I WANT to seed as much as I DL - but it seems I can't?! Even when I try - really hard!


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From my experience, your ratio wont get updated if:

1) the tracker is down and you closed uT before it could update the tracker

2) problem with tracker itself that doesnt log your uploads...

I've never had this problem related to the client itself, try another client and see if it works.

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