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Problems with D/l Speed very very slow for ISP


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I am using windows vista cpu with 2 gig of ram i have a cable modem through comcast. we are paying for the 100X faster than dial up speed and my test download speed 6436 Kb/s and upload speed is 615 Kb/s why is my upload speed so much slower than my download speed. also when i am actually trying to download my download speed started out awesome it went up to 976kB/s then dropped down to a measly 35-47 kB/s all numbers are typed exactly how they appear on the screen. I have the encryption set up. i have utorrent set up as an exception, i also have a green light saying accepting incoming connections your connection is working like it should. I have the speed setting on 10Mb/s since i average around 6-7Mb/s when i run my speed tests. Why is it not letting me download to the fullest of its capabilities. 35-47kB/s is tiny to 5-6 Mb/s what is going on? can anyone help me? my last speed test was D/l 16473 Kb/s=16Mb/s and upload 1646 Kb/s that is 30 times faster than what i actually download at

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