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Unfinished torrents using up memory.


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Can anyone please help. I am new to utorrent and have found a problem that I cannot find a fix for within the forums.

Unfinished torrents use up memory and are stored somewhere on the hard drive. When I try to play other torrents that were successfully DL, Windows Media player says that the computer is running low on memory and to close other applications . There are no other applications open so it is an error.

I have tried to defrag and also disk cleanup but this does not help.

I had this happen before and I found a solution somewhere but cant find it again now.

I had to search from the start menu, then click on all files then type something in there.... this found the files and all I had to do was delete them and everything was ok.

BUT I dont know what to type in there. I have tried typing Utorrent and .!ui but this did not work.

Any help would be appreciated. I am not very computer literate so sorry for the basic language.

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Storing more data in the hard drive doesn't affect your memory usage. If an application is complaining about low memory, then either something else is taking up the memory, or your computer doesn't have enough to do whatever it is you're trying to do.

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