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My downspeed gets choked, then won't release


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Hi. My ISP (PLUSNET) chokes my speed if I go over my bandwidth, so I use utorrent's excellent bandwidth schedulaer from 4pm to midnight.

However, it doesn't automatically allow speeds on torrents to go back up after the scheduler goes back up to full speed.

Also - same prob, I think, if a torrent has lots of peers/seeds and is running slowly, and you stop then start, it goes faster.

This may well have been covered elsewhere, but is there any way I can make this work better automatically, rather than stay up all night opening and closing torrents?


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µTorrent does not run very well set to unlimited upload speed. If there's any serious demand for the torrents you're sharing, your connection will just choke...HARD. You could have a 10 megabits/sec down and up connection and it'd still choke. And by "choke" I mean your download speed would drop straight into the crapper...potentially going below the 30 KiloBYTES/sec limit you had set before.

So, what is your connection's real sustainable upload speed?

Set µTorrent's upload speed to no more than 80% of that and your download speed shouldn't suffer noticeably.

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