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have set up a static ip address 192.168.2.xxx

on port 55xxx and still no results on getting utorrent to reconize my port being open

windows firewall allows port 55xxx on tcp connection as well as utorrent.exe

preferances has port at 55xxx with no box of NAT or Upnp enabled checked

set up router of eq-660r as set instructions

Conexant D850 56k V.9x DFVc modem

Any ideas?

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You don't have to hide your LAN IP, it's only available within your LAN. Nobody can connect to it. You also don't have to hide the port, only moderators can see your IP, and they aren't about to waste time trying to exploit unknown vulnerabilities in µTorrent on some random user. Besides, a port scan would reveal the port if they really wanted to do anything malicious.

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