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I actually got uTorrent to USE SPECIFIED DISK CACHE!!!


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Currently I have the following settings and it SEEMS that utorrent is actually making use of the disk cache! I have it set to use 200 MB and it is actually for the first time slowly creeping towards that number (at 83MB currently). Finally using more than 20 MB RAM!!

Here are my settings: (Running 1.7.2)

diskio.flush_files is set to FALSE

diskio.sparse_files is set to TRUE

Everything else you should leave at default in the advanced page.

Then open up the plus sign and click on disk cache.

Check override disk cache, and set it to whatever you can handle (200MB here).

Uncheck reduce memory usage if not needed.

Check enable caching of writes and reads, but uncheck the sub options of each one EXCEPT for increase automatic size while thrashing.

Using these settings I have gone from not being able to get utorrent to use more than 20MB of memory to now approaching 100MB just in the time it took to write this post!

Hope this works for others and let me know if it does!

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