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Comp Freezing after everything, plz help :(


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Well after reading the forums it seems that i have tried everything that i have seen, but my comp still freezes.

ive tried:

disabling dht

disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP

lowering maximum global number of connections (its at 39 right now..)

lowering maximum connected peers to 39

lowering net.max_halfopen to 4 even to 3

lowering my max dl speed to 100, 95, then 90

lowering max active downloads to 15

the problem is that it will download for usually almost a day, then freeze at about 3-4am when im asleep. ive tried azureus and bittorrent but it seems that utorrent lasts the longest b4 freezing. i have also noticed that it freezing happens a lot after completed downloads.

i have windows firewall, i have put utorrent to the exeptions and even disabling it, but for some reason its still a yellow triangle. tried to forward ports, followed the instructions properly for forwarding, but it wont open. download speeds are fine however, usually ranging from at least 20 kbs to my max of 90kbs at the moment

it seems to me that it freezes mostly with high dl speeds, thats why i limited dl speed. but it only happens to torrents, other downloads (direct downloads or limewire) can go 200kbs no problem. but torrents freeze...

my comp specs are: core2quad 2.4g , 8800gtx, 2g ram, xp sp2, and i have 2wire modem thing, but no router. isp is att yahoo dsl

temps are fine, no overheating

also i dl on my external hd, 160gig and 320 gig usb2.0. maybe the problem is downloading to 160 then transferring to 320? maybe overheating for ext hd??

updated latest drivers for my network card and graphix card

i have not patched tcpip,sys , would it help to patch?

note: i build this computer from scratch a couple of months ago, the previous comp i used was fine downloading torrents. same 2wire modem and isp.

thanks for your help in advance guys :)

quick update: while i was transferring files from my 160gb ext hd to my 320gb ext hd, my comp froze, is this ext hd issue?

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1) Patch Tcpip.sys

2) Any Anti Virus or other firewall running? Disable and/or uninstall and check.

3) Did your previous machine use those external HDDs too? Since you suspect the external HDDs so much, why don't you just try downloading something to an internal HDD and see if the same problem happens?

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ok i guess i will have to patch. no antivirus running. i only use windows firewall, disabling it doesnt work.

as for the ext hdd, i dont have enough space on my int hd since it was used up from old files from old comp, so i guess i will have to buy a new int hd to see if its my ext hd.

however, from the looks of it right now, capping my speed to 85kbs hasnt caused it to freeze yet...

thanks very much.

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