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Failure: Your client are not connectable! - HELP


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Hi everybody,

Thanks for taking the time to skim over this thread. As far as I've seen, there hasn't been too much in the way of a solution on the forum for my problem. I could be wrong and probably am, but here goes anyways:

In µTorrent, under the General Tab ---> Tracker ---> Tracker Status, it says

Failure: Your client are not connectable! Check port config, or search on forums.

I've used µTorrent before and haven't had this problem...so I'm not sure what the trouble is. The only other info under 'Tracker' is "DHT Status: not allowed".

If anyone could at least point me in the right direction on this one...It'd be much appreciated.

Cheers again for your time,


(BTW, there are 45 seeders for the torrent I'm after, so that's not the issue.)

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