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Is posible auto start next torrent only after complete seeding?


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I'm not sure if this is a non implemented feature or just I don't know how to do it. The problem is I want only one torrent active, either downloading or seeding, and when it completes the seeding process then auto start the next queued torrent. This feature works to me on ABC, Azureus and BitComet, but I want and prefer uTorrent.

So I lauch µTorrent, go to "Options" -> "Preferences" -> "Torrent Options" -> "Queue Settings" -> "Maximum number of active torrents = 1". Then on "Maximum number of active downloads", if either I change the value to "0" or "1", the next queued torrent start after the previous finish the download but not the seeding proccess, so I get 2 active torrents instead of 1. It would be neither good to stop the torrent when it completes the download process to start the next one.

This question aside, µTorrent works perfectly to me, the status is "Ok" and download/seeds to maximum posible of my ADSL connection port forwarding through my network router. I use Win XP Pro SP2, with Windows Firewall disabled and Norton AV allowing uTorrent transfers.

Greetings for your great work, and thanks in advance

*Edit: Animorc have post the way it works here, so actually it's already implemented :P . Thanks Again

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