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just a couple of peers can connect to me


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this is my problem on utorrent there are a few people that can connect to me, i have a torrent with 1000 peers and there are only 15 connect to me and other i have 360 and only 6 people,139 and just 1 can connect to me. my download speed is ok and my upload speed too, the problem is looks like not everyone can connect to me. i have done everything on ultima guide and still with the problem, i have forward my port, i have the green light, im show as connectable on torrent sites, the port checker is fine port is open, i have windows xp sp2, i unninstall the firewall and windows firewall is off,my modem is a speedstream 5200, my isp dont block internet connections on my country and i have dsl 768/512 .Tnx in advance, i have read all the forum and still dont have the solution.

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