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double port forwarding... not working!!


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i've read some of the previous posts on double port forwarding and attempted the same on my system - but it doesn't work!! :-(

my setup consists of a DSL502-T modem and a wireless router belkin F5D7230-4 attached to it. i can't change the hardware setup and can't seem to get utorrent to work. i get pitiable speeds of 15-20 kbps and the speed test indicated that i the port (i've chosen 26000) isn't forwarded properly (the yellow icon doesn't just go!!).

if i understand correctly, from the portforward.com double port forwarding guide, my setup is as follows

modem DSL502-T

external i.p. - dynamic; assigned by isp

internal i.p. -; this is also my default gateway for my home network and my wireless router is the only thing connected here

belkin F5D7230-4

external i.p. - have set it as static and assigned it

internal i.p. -; default gateway for the computers at home - one laptop and one desktop hardwired to the wireless router

in both config pages, i have created a new rule in the virtual server section and forwarded port 26000.

among other details: my connection is PPPoe type, NAT is enabled on both modem and router and DHCP is disabled on the modem

can someone please help? i've tried going through the utorrent help section as well - :-P

many many thanks!

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