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Limited upload


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I followed the speed guide, and in the java based tests, I consistently got upload speeds around 220 kb/s. So I ran the speed guide in uTorrent and selected xx/192 as my settings. I have left all the other settings it changes the same, except I increased the number of active torrents to 2 so I can seed one as I download another (Also I can make my upload speed up to 22 kB/s but as I'll explain it wouldn't do anything). The problem I am having is that even though my upload limit is set to 17 kB/s, it rarely goes higher than 1 kB/s! Also my download speed rarely hits 25 kB/s even on torrents with a huge number of seeds. I tried the test torrents and didn't download that one faster than 5 kB/s and never uploaded it faster than 1 kB/s. I also check the peers tab of the torrents I run and while it may list more than 50 peers, most of them I am not even downloading from or uploading to. There's usually only 3-5 that I am even sending data back and forth from. While running, it also often disconnects me from MSN Messenger (IM) and sometimes it timeouts browser webpage requests. Following the guide about what info to include with speed issues:

- Green checkmark. I have a port forwarded and it is forwarded correctly

- OK! Port 49427 is open and accepting connections.

- 8

- XP Pro

- AVG Free Edition

- Motorola VT2442-VD Router and I don't know about modem

- Clearwire

- Wireless: download: ~750 kb/sec, upload: 230 kb/sec

Thanks for the assistance.

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