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My connection is:

1.5Mbps d/l and 96kbps u/l.

What d/l speed should I expect from well seeded torrents?

on a torrent from openoffice.org I get an average of 65kbps with a peak of 90kbps.

on another post in the forum a guy had a speed of 150kbps.

my settings are:

maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 74

number of upload slots per torrent: 4

use additional upload slots: checked

Enable scraping,DHT

Preallocate disk space: checked

net.low_cpu: false

net.half_open: 40 (patched to 50)

peer.lazy_bitfield: true

peer.resolve_country: true

everything else is default.

can I boost my d/l speed with other settings? (I have read many posts regarding settings on the forum before asking)

thank you for you help.


I'm using µtorrent 1.2

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How many peers did you connect to when you tried out the OpenOffice torrent?

Do you have a "NAT error" message in the statusbar?

Did you use any other downloading/uploading application at the same time? (Sorry for this stupid question, but I just want to narrow down the causes)

Edit: The settings seems to be fine in my eyes, so you should be able to get speeds around 150-175kB/s

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I did, although it never gets that high.

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UPDATE: I switched to µtorrent 1.2.1 (yay) and now things are looking much better.

I'm still not getting 150Kbps like that other guy, but I get:

an average speed of 115kbps

a peak of: 135kbps

57 seeds, 2 peers.

well done on the new release, guys. can't wait for the next one... :P

EDIT by silverfire: Please do not double post.

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Still strange about the peeramount though. On the instant I start this torrent (2.0.0 English for Windows) I see 280 seeds and 60 peers (not leechers). The torrent for 2.0.139 isn't as fast yet because it's a pretty new release, so I would suggest using 2.0.0 as a reference.

I'll paste a direct link to the torrent to avoid any misunderstandings:


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