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utorrent not moving downloads to the correct folders


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I have this problem on 2 different computer. 1 running winxp sp2 and one running win2k3 sp2.

Basically i have all of my download going to c:\downloads\processing. I set the option of when completed move files to c:\downloads\completed with the option of append lable name to directory

What i am downloading is SharewareTrials.com DemoTools.zip

What it looks like in utorrent is DemoTools

The Files inside are DemoTools.zip

The lable on the folder is FreeSoftware

So what i am expecting is after the download completed is


Then inside that folder would be demotools.zip

Now what i get is




And somtimes i even get this


and the file will be still incompleted

and utorrent will report missing data.

when i find the file in the wrong folder. there will be hundreds of other incomplete downloads

in the c:\downloads\completed\freeaudiobooks\processing\ folder all sitting in the root.

I have used utorrent in the past and never had this problem. it only seems to have started the last few months.

Anyone know what i can do to stop this

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