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Brand new uTorrent user - can't seed

D. Payne

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Does the announcement above mean uTorrent isn't meant to reseed previous downloads?

That would be pretty sad

PS -

I guess I sould elaborate:

"This forum is NOT for help with anything you've downloaded! Once your files are downloaded, our support ends. Any threads asking for help using downloaded files will be deleted.

Posting about any illegal sharing of copyrighted content is strictly FORBIDDEN."

Does this mean if I'm trying to seed with uTorrent a file already fully downloaded using a different client and uTorrent insists on re-downloading the entire original source at every attempt I'm not to seek help?

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ajones81 wrote:

> Did you point uTorrent to the same directory where the downloaded files are saved,

Most definitely.

>and perform a force re-check before trying to seed?

That I didn't do, but it seems like uT may have done it automatically. I will definitely try it anyhow. Thanks!!!

A number of fellow members of a tracker have responded to my cries there, and report the so called 'personalized .torrent' files should not be in same parent folder as source file folder. This was never a problem with Mainline or Bit Tornado [though plenty of other things were - why I jumped on the uT bandwagon finally]. Has this been your experience also with uTorrent?

Thanks again!

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