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Almost Completely Unable to Use Utorrent.


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Ive scanned through the posts and have unfortunately not found any information thats led to any success. I don't have time to scan them all, and am hoping there is simply an obvious solution that I'm overlooking(not very computer literate).

utorrent used to work great for me, and has been the fastest p2p program Ive seen. Recently however its been completely freezing up the entire computer about every 20 minutes or so.

System Information:

Micro$oft Windows XP


version 2002

service pack 2



Celeron® CPU 2.66GHz

2.66 GHz,512 MB of RAM

I completely got rid of my Nortan Anti Virus(real pain in the ass to do btw) freed up more space in my hard drive.

Im also using D-Link DWL-G510 i think. v.1.00

my video card is Nvideo Geforce 7600 GT

Even when it works during that 20 minutes, I rarely get speeds of more then 10kb/s

I used to get 70-100 regularly.

Any ideas? in layman's terms please :)

Also forgot to mention that on 1.7.2 the light was always yellow, when I switched back to 1.6.1 the light would turn green, but speed and freezing issues remained.

anyone able to help out here? just request any additional information you need and how I can get that.

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Im also using D-Link DWL-G510 i think. v.1.00

I remember this card and driver as being problematic (as in lock-ups, blue screens, and reboots).

You may want to see if D-Link Support has newer drivers and also do some searches in the D-Link FAQ and forum at http://www.dslreports.com/forum/dlink -- in some hardware revisions, I think the DWL-G530 drivers would install without complaints and were more stable than the shipping drivers. (You'll know right away, because Windows will accept the G530 drivers without any complaint if they are compatible. If they are not, it will reject the wrong drivers.)

You can test this theory without much trouble. Simply disable the DWL-G510 and connect up to your network using an Ethernet cable for a little while. If you get past that magic 20 minute mark with no problems, then your DWL-G510 becomes your chief suspect in this little mystery.

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well, the computer has no problem with multiple browser windows, files, or downloads going, it only seems to be Utorrent. Not to mention that I never get more then 100kb over the D-link, but when its in an eithernet speeds get up to 500-600 (and im not that far away from modem)

Ill try the new drivers, thanks for the helpfull info, mebbe this will fix it.

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