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move .torrent files after completion does not work


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utorrent v1.7.2, windows 2000

my setup:

downloadfolder is set to M:\torrents

.torrents are downloaded to M:\torrents\temp

.torrents are moved to M:\torrents\completed when completed

autoload of torrents is set to M:\torrents\completed

with these settings the .torrent files are NOT moved to M:\torrents\completed when the torrent finishes downloading and hence it can't autoload it when i restart utorrent.

Did i misunderstand something here, or what is going on?

EDIT: the folder M:\torrents\completed DOES contain .torrent.loaded files, but when i restart it, it is obviously not looking for those. I suppose I could just rename them, but I would like to understand why it doesn't work as it is.

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