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How can other P2p users share what ive downloaded


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Hi guys,

Firstly, keep up the good work..Utorrent is a rockin client

Just a quick question, ive downloaded a file and ive moved it from the default folder to another folder. I dont see any upload activity on that file ?

How can I make a folder that is a shared folder, i tried goin through preferences and tried changing the "Location of Downloaded Files" folder, but cant see any option to specify the shared folder


Loy Ferns

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IMO, the far-and-away best method of sharing a large amount of unrelated stuff (especially tiny stuff) is eMule.

Hmm...that reminds me: The latest version of Azureus has, I hazily recall, a setting one can click while creating torrents to make them compatible with ED2K and other networks. (I have no idea how it implements that...I suppose it generates a .torrent file which also has the characteristics of a ED2K "collection", or uses 9.87mb piece sizes or some such. I never played with it.)

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