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[Minor] Global upload limit (test on v. 1.2 - 1.2.1)


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I find Maximum Upload Rate only works to me in each torrent properties when not downloading. If I left the default value per torrent, it should use the Default Upload Rate, but looks to me the "0" value overrides it: Seeding works like no download limit have been set up, within a ~15 Kb/s threshold in my 29 Kb/s maximum upload. Seems to exceed a bit from the 2~4 Kb that imho are reasonable.

Trying to fix it I have deleted the config data folder many times, switch from 1.2, 1.2.1 beta 3 and 1.2.1 (build 341), and nothing have changed. Perhaps I'm missing something, and it's not a big problem after all, but a bit annoying to configure the upload for each torrent.

I have already search the forum for similar questions, and found this one, but doesn't fit nor fix my little problem

Besides this problem, the status is Ok, my router is port forwarding nice, the downloads work perfectly and I use Windows XP SP2, µTorrent 1.2.1 (build 341) and the Default Connection Options.

Thanks in advance.

*Edit: Perhaps isn't a but bug a Troubleshooting request, so please move it if you think like this. ;)

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