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firewall question/incoming traffic alerts


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Hi everybody,

I'm using uTorrent for quite some time now, it's perfect and love seeing in my peers list that more people are using it over the time. My question is about my firewall, but uTorrent is working OK so didn't want to use the troubleshoot forum.

Ok here it goes: Since 3 months I have a new laptop with Vista on it(never had a single problem with uTorrent and Vista btw) and it came with 3 months free Norton internet security which i decided to use for that time. So, yesterday I deleted Norton, and for firewall I use ZoneAlarm now. After I installed it I got like hundreds of blocked traffic to uTorrent's port. Which I found strange since I wasn't running uTorrent for some days. So I started up uTorrent, granted it access through the firewall, and the alerts were gone. I closed the port and opened another for uTorrent with uTorrent off and all was quiet. Then I started uTorrent with the new port and same story allover. So when uTorrent is running there are no alerts, but when its off I get like 1-2 alerts/second.What causes this? It's probably normal but it seems strange to me that I have all those incoming connections even without running uTorrent for days.

Would like to solve it because with all those warnings in my logfile it's hard to spot REAL problems. Ah and btw my router is also running a hardware firewall. And I opened the port for uTorrent to allow both TCP and UDP traffic. Could allowing just one solve this maybe? Was never sure about TCP/UDP so just opened them both.

Thanks in advance

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