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New message when opening uTorrent this morning


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It says:

Settings files were found in the same directory as uTorrent, but you do not have the appropriate permissions to write to them.

Would you like to do?

--> Rerun uTorrent as an administrator and use the settings files from the same path as the uTorrent executable.

Note: If you do this, some operations may not work such as opening .torrent files from Windows explorer.

--> Ue the settings files from the standard APPDATA path

1. I'm using Vista 32 and have for months

2. As far as I know I've never run uTorrent in administrator mode

3. My regular log in account is an adminstrator account

Any idea how to get rid of this message? I just want to run in normal mode (the APPDATA one), but where can I find my APPDATA path? And which file(s) do I need to delete from the uTorrent executable path?

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