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download speed seems to be capped at 6kbps


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The network's fine, its got the green logo thing, and the speed is capped all the time - its never exceeded 6kbps.

According to the port checker everything is fine and my settings are:

Upload limit: 1kb/s

Connections: 50

Max Active Torrents: 50

Upload Slots: 5

Connections (global):200

Max Active Downloads: 5

I use windows XP SP2 and have AVG free edition

it should also be noted that other programs such as steam or limewire do not experience this problem

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Still only 68.5% of your tested download speed, but that could be due to a changing download speed or other network traffic. In short, it is still slower than it theoretically should be, but if don't get close to 60kB/s on other torrents, it's a problem with a slower swarm, not the client.

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