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Multiple Clients Transferring On A Single Computer


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I'm trying to run some tests by setting up several peers. Problem is I don't have a lot of computers. I do have a decent number of NICs.

So, my current solution is to run multiple clients and on a single computer with each client binding to a specific NIC. And repeat for the few computers I have. So far, this hasn't worked really well.

I have read the instructions of starting multiple simultaneous instances using "/RECOVER" and also how to bind to a specific NIC in "Preferences->Advanced". I've also changed the Windows registry settings according to another post. But somehow it's not working perfectly.

If the following test will work, I'm guessing the configuration will be fine. I'm trying to use two clients on a single computer using two NICs. The NICs are wired to a router. So I'm trying to send traffic in a loop.

Client#1 -> NIC#1 -> ROUTER -> NIC#2 -> Client#2

Both clients are on the same computer, sitting in Windows XP.

The two clients can send traffic to each other, but the traffic doesn't actually go outside of the computer. (The packet counters in the Local Area Connection windows don't increase, but the file is transferred.)

How can I actually get traffic to go out of the computer? Like I said above, I've done all the binding and registry adjusting already.

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