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My head is going to EXPLODE! / 1.7.2 build 3458 / Vista


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Hey guys,

I did my best to look through the Sticky topics and such but could not find an answer or solution to my problem.

At first uTorrent had a yellow exclamation point in the status bar. So I looked up some FAQs regarding port forwarding. So I went into my vista Windows Firewall and made sure uTorrent was allowed to do it's thing. Then I set up exceptions for port 5970,

both UDB and TCP.

It still didn't affect the port checking thing within uTorrent, but I read that I might have to reboot, so I did.

Upon load there was no change.

Download for a torrent with 12 (61) seeds and (1) 28 peers rarely surpasses 15kbp/s. Upload speeds are negligible, less than 1kb even, if at all.

I really appreciate any help you guys can provide me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

#Speed Test 168090860.png

# Network Status Light is a red exclamation point, apparently due to my Vista Firewall, within which I have given uTorrent exception status (full access)

# Checking port 5970 on

Error! Port 5970 does not appear to be open.

# Upload limit: 0kb upload slots: 4 connections: 50 connections global: 200 max active torrents 8 max active dls 5. current port 5970

# net.max_halfopen is 8

# Vista Home Premium

# Vista Firewall

# Sprint 645 Series Modem, Ethernet cable from it directly to PC

# Embarq/Earthlink DSL

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it's not like installed hardware, so from the vista side of things it just senses a connection, so there are no settings or port forwarding to be done from within windows.

Perhaps I'm misreading and missing something, but how exactly does that relate to your modem required the port to be forwarded?

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there are no settings for the modem to speak of, near as i can tell. the modem isn't in my hardware list that I can find to be able to forward a port on. am *I* missing something?

now the status is yellow, but with the previous suggestion of changing my upload speeds, my uploads are zinging along at 35kb, triple what i'm downloading at. jesus, this is frustrating.

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the IP address the tutorial on PortForwarding walked me through in obtaining.

it's supposed to currently be set at

supposedly if I enter that in a browser i'll be able to open a port on my modem.

this whole this is getting ridiculous. I remember now why I gave up on bittorrent and just trolled for rapidshare/megaupload links; the speed is just not there.

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