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uTorrent keeps limiting my upload speeds automatically.


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Utorrent keeps limiting my upload speeds to 25k max. When I disable it via the system tray menu, after a few minutes it will revert back to the limited speed.

I've checked settings and don't think there is much of a problem with them, but I could be missing something here, hence the message.

I am on a 5d/1u connection (yeah, i know, its an odd configuration) - so 25k globally is a very very slow speed here.

XP Pro, avg free, with and without router it happens, port is opened via my firewall, encryption is enabled in utorrent (my isp generally blocks torrents if unencrypted)... ideas?

If I missed anything, lemmie know and i'll tell ya. thanks folks!

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Your ISP may randomly slow down your connection if unencrypted BitTorrent handshakes (or worse, more BitTorrent data) comes down the same incoming port. So I wouldn't find it surprising to find your connection highly throttled at times even WITH encryption enabled.

Local Peer Discovery and limit local peer speeds are 2 other things that can really screw with upload/download speeds...although those usually cause µTorrent to vastly overshoot the set limits. :P

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