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Wifi connection crashes wifi network


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Okay, this is an issues I have run into multiple times, multiple routers, multiple providers and I want to get some clarification, if I can.

The constant is Windows Vista (but same thing happened with XP and XP SP1&2) and my 2Wire USB WiFi adapter. I would rather use Ethernet, but due to distance and, in this house up to 4 Windows sytems and 4 Apple systems, this is not feasible.

What I have happen is when I use uTorrent for usually 5-30 minutes (varies depending on how much I am DL/UL and the Airport Extreme pretty much crashes. It starts by say connected and local only or just flat out disconnects and, for all intents and purposes, crashes the WiFi. I used to think, in the past it was just a bad router as previously I was using an Ativa router, which sucks and only seemed to work with an hardline connection, without locking up. But this same thing used to happen with my 2Wire router, via WiFi, too. I ended up having to use Ethernet for that, too.

Now I know that Ethernet is preferred and more stable, ultimately, but as the current configuration, in the house is setup, with 4 Windows and up to 4 Apple systems, it is not realistic. I have check all settings per posted forums from the usual wonderful people who help around here and lowered connections, checked speed and updated that (had 12/1.5 connection now have 6/1.25 connection) and still seems to crash the AE about no more than 30 minutes in.

The thing that is odd, too is only 2 of us really do any heavy downloading and it tends to be at different times, the other person in the afternoons, me late in the evening and overnight.

Any suggestions?

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