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UTorrent used to work until now...


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I was downloading a file and it got to 70% But then everything stopped,It won't download and I've waited days for the the download to resume,I've tried to download another torrent but it won't even start,I didn't change anything it just happened all in a sudden

Please help :( I don't know what gives with my downloads.

P.S:Downspeed/Upspeed are empty,No numbers just empty,UTorrent used to work perfectly.

I forgot to mention that the status is downloading but in the left menu(Where it shows icons whether its active/inactive and such)It stays inactive.

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The trackers status is working but so what?

OK It did go to 0.1% Done so it is very very slow,I even read the faq and did changed/turned off the firewall and used speedguide and I've setted my upload speed to 12kB/s now but barely any effect.

It's stuck again at 0.1% Download

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