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Slowing down my net connection


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whenever i run µtorrent it slows down my internet browser and every other device that is using the same net connection... i have a netgear 108MBPS wireless router and my pc is wireless enabled with an excellent connection speed and quality.... is there an way of solving this problem??

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connection type: current settings

Upload limit: 0KB/s

Upload slots : 5

connections : 100

max active torrents : 12

connections Global: 750

max active downloads: 12

the ports are always green

and i have 'enable encryption' ticked

oh and my results from speedtest.net is:

with µtorrent runnin': ping - 376, download speed - 65KBPS upload speed - 27 KBPS

without µtorrent: ping - 83, download speed - 706KBPS upload speed - 353 KBPS

and i have an 8mbps connection... and the recomended server was london

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