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Port forwarding for 2 PCs


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I have 2 PCs connected to a router sharing cable internet

connection. I set PC #1 with IP= to forward

port 56500, and PC #2 with IP= to forward

port 55500. Then I ran separate uTorrent client on each PC.

Port forwarding worked well on PC #1, but I could never get

port forwarding on PC #2 to work. The red exclamation

mark was always present and the test confirmed port 55500 was

not open. However, DHT=240 nodes, whatever that meant.

Then the IP addresses of the PCs were swapped. Port forwarding

working/non-working statuses actually swapped. Therefore I

could not help thinking that port forwarding has affinity with

IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.1 (the first IP in the LAN).

Firewalls on both PCs were Norton 360 and were similarly set up

to open ports 56500 and 55500 respectively, ie. if firewall let

through traffic on PC #1 then should do the same for PC #2.

My router is one if those with unknown manufacturer, only the

model number is NGR128. It was left at factory defaults as

various settings did not show any bearing on port forwarding.

Please help.

Thank you

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