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Trouble with my download spped..


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Hi I have been having trouble getting a fairly good download speed. I am working on a computer that has a wireless adapter as my connection. I've tried the speed test and have put in my results in the speed guide. I have been through the port forwarding page, setup a static IP address. I followed a speed setup on the utorrent forum page to receive greater speed. I forwarded my utorrent port on my computer. I allowed utorrent into my firewall . I even configured my router to allow a connection from my port

and still I receive a horrible download speeds. My max speed download is 25 kb/s and its not consistent. It took me about 4 hours to download a 69mb file. My utorrent shows a yellow sign indicating my connection has not been forwarded. I can't access my computer that is connected to my router because it wont turn on, so I've done everything from my wireless cpu. Please any help you can give would be a great help. I have a ratio of 2.20+ and want to continue my contribution. My router is a wrt54gs v.4 Thank You for your time


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