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Replicating this queue and seeding method possible?


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I switched over to µTorrent about a month ago, but have yet to have it replicate the queue settings I had in Azureus and BitComet. My current setting are:

4 active torrents

2 active downloads

Seed While:

Ratio is <= 105%

Limit the upload rate to 0kb is checked

Let's say I add 5 torrents to my queue. At the beginning, I have 4 downloading torrents and 1 queued. As two finish, everything goes fine, and I have 2 torrents seeding and 2 torrents downloading, with the fifth still queued. The problem occurs when one of the remaining 2 downloading torrents finish. At this point, I want to have 3 seeding torrents, and 1 downloading torrent, with 1 unstarted and queued. What actually happens is µTorrent starts the fifth torrent, when in fact I never want the fifth torrent to start until a seed reaches at least 105%. It queues one of my seeds, so I have to manually force stop the torrent that started downloading. I have messed around with all the settings and nothing seems to work. 'Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks' seems like it would fix the problem, but in fact it just ignores all my settings and queues all downloads until all seeds are at 105%.

I hope that makes any sense to someone. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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